3 Small Menswear Designers to Keep an Eye on

New designers today have to have impeccable taste and an innate sense of how to tell a story, all while producing clothing with the highest attention to detail. With what seems to be hundreds of new “Instagram brands,” popping up on our timelines daily, it has become increasingly hard for young designers to separate themselves from the pack. Here are three of the best young designers setting themselves apart at the moment.

photo of Emily Bode

Emily Bode is repurposing antique quilts and sourcing vintage fabrics from around the globe, creating a hopeful picture for the future of menswear. The now 29-year old Atlanta native came to New York to study fashion design at Parsons in her late teens. Her brand originally started as a project while in school and has quickly turned into a highly coveted brand.

jacket made of repurposed vintage fabrics

The brand is incredibly young, with its initial launch in 2016. The type of success that Emily Bode has encountered in just two short years has been a whirlwind for the young designer with her clothing being worn by up-and-coming artists, street style legends, and wildly successful musicians such as Leon Bridges and Donald Glover. The brand is young, but the vision is strong. With Bode, the only place to go from here is up.

Antonio Ciongoli is no stranger to impeccable design and menswear, so it makes sense that his new brand 18 East is one of the most exciting things to happen this year. When presented with the opportunity to launch his own brand, Antonio knew that he had to come from a creative angle that would resonate with shoppers.

photo of Anthony Ciongoli

18 East is the product of 12 months of development. Ciongoli is familiar to the menswear scene as he spent four and a half years at Eidos, the more relaxed and affordable alternative to parent company ISAIA. After taking a new position with Roller Rabbit, Antonio found himself in India and Nepal, building relationships with small scale producers. He then had the idea to birth his own brand, thus where 18 East derived from.

photo from 18 East look book

Rather than telling a story, Antonio is quite literally painting a picture of how his new brand’s clothes are created using hundred year old techniques that ultimately produce wonderfully vivid and long lasting garments.

After years of skating and tearing through clothes you start to learn about the construction of the garments you wear. No one knows more about this than Evan Kinori, who recently released his eponymous label. A potential professional skating career was thrown by the wayside after stepping into Unionmade, the Los Angeles based mecca for all things cool in the world of men who covet any small designer.

This revelation sent Evan on a path of research, trying to find the perfect brand that fit his needs, but it sadly was never found. After taking an introductory course to the fashion industry at a local community college Evan was convinced he needed to begin producing his own brand of clothing, which is how his eponymous label began.

The ethos of the brand is inspired by the early 2000’s when skate parks were full of army surplus shirts and work pants, which inspired the code of style that Evan identified with. Now, the young designer skates in his own gear to ensure that it is not only fashionable, but functional.

photo from Evan Kinori look book

The future of menswear looks to be in good hands if these three young talents are any indication of where we are headed. While all three are very different from one another it is obvious that they have one thing in common: the ability to be true individuals and convey their story more clearly than many competitors.

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