2 Dope Queens

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are 2 Dope Queens on HBO, which premiered on February 2. With the teaser trailer released just before the show’s debut, the audience was overwashed with their comedic style in a fifty second clip all while tying in relevant social commentary, giving the show an edgy twist on how the media portrays the news today.

What started as a conversation and turned into a podcast, is now a television program. 2 Dope Queens represents various comedians of color, LGBT comedians and female comedians. Williams and Robinson are not afraid of opening the doors to hard topics, spawning an open and inclusive conversation concerning race, gender, and class.

2 Dope Queens gives many people of all colors and backgrounds a platform to voice their thoughts and to speak independently on matters that they did not have an opportunity to speak upon before coming onto the show.  While discussing the latest headlines, Williams and Robinson celebrate the importance of black female relationships and the roles women play within society today. Despite the various backgrounds everyone faces within their lives, 2 Dope Queens brings together an outlet that celebrates everyone—no matter what color they are.

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