15 of the Best Skincare Gift Sets


Who doesn’t love a skincare set as a Christmas gift? As the holidays roll around, you may be looking for personal wishlist ideas or gift ideas for a loved one. With new skincare trends constantly emerging through social media, a skincare gift set is one of the best and easiest gifts to give – so many great items rolled into one and always with aesthetically pleasing packing. Here are 15 of the best skincare gift sets to shop this holiday season.

  1. With gua sha being one of the biggest skincare trends of 2021, I had to include a gua sha kit. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese method that includes stroking the face with a sculpted tool to increase circulation and improve lymphatic function. This has a multitude of benefits, including reduced swelling in the face and acne prevention. The kit also includes a sea mineral mist and undaria argan oil to assist the benefits of the gua sha.
  2. Next up is the Tatcha Cleanse, Hydrate, and Smooth skincare trio. Tatcha is a popular skincare brand for 2021, with its sleek, colorful packaging and top-notch products. This set combates pores and oiliness with a deep cleansing exfoliating cleanser, a pore minimizing moisturizer, and an eye cream, all working together to give you the skin of your dreams.
  3. Another very popular skincare brand this year is The Ordinary, mainly due to their low prices, but also has high-end quality aspects to their products. Many of The Ordinary products blew up on TikTok, as the brand carries a lot of must-haves. “The Bright Set” includes a cleanser and three different serums, all with different yet simple ingredients to target certain issues. The set retails for only $38 and is on sale right now for $29.26, so get your hands on it as soon as possible!
  4. Of course, I had to include one of social media’s favorite and most “aesthetic” cosmetic brands, Glossier. The Skincare Edit set by Glossier includes all of their best seller products in miniature sizes, so you or a loved one can enjoy all the Glossier skincare classics and test them out to potentially purchase a full-sized product. This edit is one of Glossier’s top-rated products, so it’s a great gift option.
  5. Cocokind’s products are plant-based and sustainable, so their Best Sellers bundle is bound to be nourishing and soothing on the skin. The bundle includes their oil to milk cleanser, revitalizing eye cream, and daily sunscreen, which is definitely a must-have for glowing, healthy skin. Some skincare can be pretty pricey, so $52 is a good deal for three 5-star products.
  6. Another one from Cocokind is this oil to milk cleanser and rosewater facial toner bundle which is a great gift idea. Rosewater is a staple in so many skin routines, so this is a safe gift choice everyone is bound to use and love.
  7. Drunk Elephant is yet another trendy skincare brand, with high-quality products and eye-catching neon packaging. The Littles Night Out Skincare Set is a great stocking stuffer – four mini Drunk Elephant products, suit for any skin type. The set contains a cleanser, hydration serum, a night serum, and a moisturizer. As college students, our skin occasionally needs a pick-me-up after a night out, and this Drunk Elephant set is a perfect refresh.
  8. Youth the People is a skincare brand with appealing, minimalist packaging, and their Superfood Cleanser Refill Kit is a great gift choice for the wellness lover in your life. This kit contains a six-month supply of the brand’s best-selling cleanser, full of nourishing, natural ingredients like kale, green tea, and spinach. This item will have you set for months, and leave your skin poreless and balanced from the purest of ingredients.
  9. Another great gift choice from Youth the People is the “Youth Stacks ZZZ-Ya, Dullness” two-piece mini-set. Also a great stocking stuffer and low price point, this sunshine yellow skin set contains mini versions of Youth the People’s kombucha toner and super berry face mask. Mini skincare products are a low-risk, easy gift idea and this set will brighten anyone’s day while brightening their skin!
  10. Summer Friday products are all over Pinterest, their shiny, luxurious packaging makes for the perfect picturesque skincare products for your moodboard. Summer Friday’s Skincare Regimen Set is the perfect gift for the Pinterest-obsessed person in your life, containing a cleanser, exfoliating solution, and face mask, along with a reusable makeup bag. One of the best parts about skincare sets is the discounted price- this Summer Friday set has an $87 value, with a $59 retail price.
  11. Speaking about Pinterest skincare brands, another aesthetically pleasing brand is skincare brand Fresh. For the holidays, Fresh is selling a “Rose Deep Hydration Skincare Value Set”, full of their iconic rose products and completed by holiday packaging. This set is the perfect solution for hydration and dullness and will leave you smelling like fresh roses.
  12. Iconic skincare brand Kiehl’s never fails to amaze customers each holiday season and this year one of their best gift choices is the “Rockin’ Hits Exclusive Gift Skincare Set”. This gift set includes eight full-size Kiehl’s classics, an amazing gift for the skincare lover in your life – also complete with festive packaging.
  13. This superfood mask kit by growing wellness and skincare brand, Golde, is another excellent gift idea for the wellness lover in your life, and who doesn’t love a face mask? The Golde Papaya Bright and Clean Greens face masks are a fun, relaxing way to exfoliate and refresh your skin, and the packaging is an adorable bonus. Plus, face masks always make for great selfies.
  14. This year, boring pimple patches turned into cute face stickers, and Starface is a leading brand in this category. “The Big Space Bundle” contains the entirety of Starface’s product mix, making a great gift for someone who needs a skincare routine makeover. Of course, the Starface Hydro-stars are included, so your skin can look beautiful, and be decorated with tiny yellow stars.
  15. Lastly, I had to include a Glow Recipe skin set, the branding is top-notch, and so are the products. The Watermelon Glow Magic Kit is a three-piece set including a facial mask, toner, and dewdrops, all the prettiest pink color, and sweetest scent.