10 Individual Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the one time of year people can dress up as whoever or whatever they desire! Their costumes can be funny, sexy, cute, sweet, creative, different, or it can be a group costume –  the possibilities are endless. Every Halloween, the costumes are usually that year’s biggest characters from movies or TV shows or even iconic figures or moments from previous years. Sometimes it can even be frustrating or hard to find the perfect costume, but here are my top 10 individual costume ideas for this Halloween to help get you started!

Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones has been a pop culture phenomenon for years and with the season seven finale in July, people can ease their pain of waiting for season eight by dressing up as the lovable Khaleesi.

This costume will need a blonde/platinum braided wig, a blue dress/cape, pants, and boots. You can also add in a couple of dragons to really complete the look!

Wonder Woman

The blockbuster movie from this summer starring Gal Gadot has become a huge hit in pop culture, as a resurgence of a popular female superhero.

The traditional Wonder Woman costume can be found at PartyCity and the revamped look from the summer can be found at Target.

The Handmaid’s Tale

As the Best Drama Series of 2017 the Handmaid’s Tale is sure to be a popular costume this year. You simply need a red cloak, black ankle boots, a white bonnet, and a tan tote to complete the look.

Zombie Taylor Swift

As Taylor Swift re-emerged into pop culture with a brand new song, people were anxiously waiting the arrival of her new music video that featured multiple different costumes and scenarios. While you can choose the one you like, the zombie definitely ties into Halloween!

Majority of this look will involve a lot of dark makeup and fake blood to complete the “dead” look of a zombie. There is also a simple white dress, which can be bought cheap considering it will have to be dirty and torn.

Eleven from Stranger Things

Netflix premiered the instantly popular hit series, Stranger Things, last year and now gearing up for the second season dropping in a couple weeks opens up a perfect opportunity to dress up as Eleven.

For this costume you can buy a pink dress, tube socks, a blonde wig, a blue bomber jacket, and wear a pair of old converse sneakers or new ones. Added bonus is carrying around an empty Eggo’s box!

Hugh Hefner

For this costume all you will need is a Captain’s hat, a red robe, and black pants/shirt.


The clown from the 1990 remake movie, IT, has become a popular costume idea and it can be worn by anyone.

The main part of this costume is the makeup. The costume part can be found at Halloween stores, such as Party City or you can venture out and create your own costume.



The lifeguards from the Baywatch movie make a great costume for any year, but with the May release of this movie Halloween is the perfect time to dress as a sexy lifeguard.

This costume can also be worn by either women or men and all you need are red bathing suits and other features depending on where you live.


The live action remake of Beauty and the Beast was an instant hit for old generations and new generations with Belle always being a popular princess to dress as for Halloween. This can either be a single or couples costume by adding the Beast.

For this costume you can either use a white dress with a blue apron or the famous yellow ball gown.

Power Rangers

A new Power Rangers movie was released this summer and everyone loves dressing up as their favorite ranger. This costume can either be a single or group costume, although the group costume would definitely be a lot more fun.

For this costume you will most likely have to purchase the entire costume from a retailer. Party City has many different options.


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