This Week’s Horoscopes: October 30th – November 5th


Seductive much, my fiery friend? You charmed a certain someone from your weekend festivities. Perhaps another get-together is on the books this week. Give yourself a break and go for it. All the fun and games start off the beginning of the week. But don’t get caught up in it; they may just stay for the excitement and bounce so enjoy and don’t think too much into it. For the rest of the week, lay low because it’s going to be time to check up on your finances. Take into mind ways to manage your money instead of running too loose. You might even be late finishing up a certain project or personal goal. But remember with all the craziness this week to find a place to meditate and relax your mind and body!


It’s all about things in two this week. Kick off the week by dressing up with a partner. If you’re on the single train watch out for a potential partner. Soak in the good vibes and go out this week and work up your social skills. You’ve got this! Your flirtatious vibes and appeal encourages your friends to connect with others as well. All week long you’ll be happy, positive and flirty!


It’s time to get yourself together! The summer season is over! This week, keep focus on your goals and keep moving forward. Difficult circumstances might arise but keep going with your week. You might possibly exchange looks with a fiery personality which may lead you to think about them all day and night. This weekend you might be feeling sentimental, but tet your emotions out. You might have a thing with a complete stranger who will appreciate your emotional side.


As usual, your life is full of ups and downs. Your home front might have a bit of distress and there might be issues that need to be handled. As always you are the best person to handle things and put it into perspective for everyone. Don’t stress, it’s just minor! After a not-too-pleasing start, the rest of your week should run smoothly. This weekend calm down with a time out with your friends and spend time bonding. You deserve it!


Social is your middle name this week! You can’t help but be the center of attention. People can’t help but love you and be super nice this week. But being in the spotlight may bring you into some trouble as well, so be cautious of how you use your words and of those around you.


Remember that ignoring everything isn’t always the best option. This week, certain issues may come back to you. This time you will have to sort it out. They aren’t going away. So take a deep breath and resolve it. Once the weekend arrives you will be so relieved that nothing else will matter and you will rejoice. So stay calm, think, and rejoice.


You’re working way too hard and you may burn out. So think about what matters the most and prioritize what needs to be done. Doing too much is killing you mentally and physically. It’s okay to say no to a project once in awhile. The other person will understand. Take some time and remember to relax your mind and body. Your weekend finally looks promising – you’ll some time to yourself.


Emotions are on the loose this week! Remember to breath and think before you react with tears or anger. It could all be in your head; overreacting to an issue that may not even be big.  Some things may require advice from others. So open up to someone; they’re not going to know what’s bothering you unless you take time to talk it out. The weekend ahead of you is going to be intense as well so make sure you get yourself together.


It’s always all work and no play for you. This week you’ll push through to reach your goals and complete your goals list. As usual you’re on your grind. But because you’re always working so hard, use this weekend to hang back and relax. You deserve it after all.


Love is in the air finally! It’s time to let go of the past and embrace the new faces you encounter. Not everyone is like your ex. It’s time to move forward, which also means to put your best foot forward as well. It’s not going to come walking towards you. You must try, too. It is a two-way street. So bend your rules and get out there. Give love a chance.


Work and your life go hand in hand this week. You have to ask yourself about your goals and ambitions and priorities. Is it all worth the trouble you go through? Are your goals realistic? You may want to figure out the essential things this week and focus on what needs to get done ASAP.


As usual your emotions are running high! You need to talk to someone. Let people in and talk it out. You will feel amazing! Love is always in the air for you. You should patch up things with a friend and move forward. Previous tensions and misunderstandings arose without proper communication. This would be the perfect time to talk it out and make things great again!

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