The Favorable and Unfavorable of Hillary Clinton

By Michaela Del Viscovo

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It’s official. With a win on Tuesday, June 14 in the nation’s capital, Hillary Clinton brought the presidential primary season to a close. And it seems that Clinton has garnered the same black and white, love or hate attention that a certain man under the name of Trump has…

People either worship her or loathe her.

Now that she is officially our Democratic nominee for the 2016 election — and all of you reading this are probably eligible to vote — do yourself and your country a favor and brush up on yo’ facts. Here are some favorable and not so favorable aspects about Clinton — your opinion on her is entirely at your discretion. She’s had some shining moments over the course of these years and some that failed to do her any justice whatsoever. But, let’s keep in mind that she’s been in the spotlight longer than any other candidate has due to her husband serving as Prez almost 20 years ago. The woman is bound to amass her fair amount of hate. Despite your opinion of the lady, just make sure you do one thing — VOTE!



  1. This is the first time in history that a woman will be a major party’s nominee — truly a breakthrough in feminism. Enough said.
  2. She has no problem calling out Trump by saying that “Trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief,” and, the best yet, how she blatantly says that Trump “calls women pigs.” Anybody who is has the guts to call out Trump is a winner in my book.
  3. Her long life in politics  (umm, her husband is Bill Clinton and thus served as the First Lady for 8 years) makes her naturally more fit. As First Lady she was obligated to immerse herself in social activism and hold a pretty large advisory role. Let’s also keep in mind that she served as Secretary of State for quite some time…unrelated to her husband’s position.
  4. She supports everything you probably support: she’s Pro-Choice, aware of the broken criminal justice system, supports gun control, and is pro-equal rights for LGBT.
  5. She uses good ol’ pathos to appeal to your emotions. In her most recent victory speech she talked about her deceased mother whom she wished was still alive to see her be nominated. She also added in some advice her mother told her: “My mother believed that life is about serving others and not to back down to a bully.”
  6. Lastly, she acknowledges that there are ceilings to break for both women and men. As the first woman President it is incredibly easy for her to focus mostly on women’s rights and — dare I say it — push men to the side. But, as far as it seems, Clinton is not blinded to the pervasive issues existing for both genders.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally, Monday, June 6, 2016, in Lynwood, Calif. (AP Photo/John Locher)


  1. Clinton’s failed to acknowledge black women in her campaign and many have said that her win does not pave the way for black women: “It does not open doors and shatter glass ceiling for women of color. The only people who will truly benefit from this are other white women” (from the Huffington Post).
  2. Nixon round two, anyone? After being accused of using a private email to handle State Department issues during her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary refused to hand over her hard drives. Not surprisingly, once she couldn’t escape the questioning any longer, her hard drives were “mysteriously erased.” Coincidence? I think not.
  3. She is not trustworthy. Short story short.
  4. On the flip side, being a woman could hurt her. Not everybody is completely accustomed to this progressively feminist time we’re living in and the misogynists of the world — which unfortunately is a great deal of society — will have no problem speaking their minds. We assure you of that.
  5. The lady simultaneously gives speeches about income inequality whilst donning a $12,000 Armani coat (amongst others).
  6. Bill served as President from 1993-2001, which was majorly during the 90’s. So although Hillary does have sufficient experience in the White House, we have to keep in mind that the era and political atmosphere then was vastly different. What worked then probably won’t work now.
  7. She’s kind of cold, her speeches lack empathy and passion and she definitely does not exude that warm-heartedness her husband did.


No matter which side this article swayed you, take some time to watch Hillary’s full victory speech here:

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