Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Lipstick

By Claudia Tufanio

July 29th marked national lipstick day, the annual holiday where lipstick lovers pucker up and show off their favorite shades and display their gorgeous pouts on social media.

The makeup staple, which has been around for thousands of years, has made its stake in history. Here are ten things you didn’t know about the makeup staple:

  1. The first manmade lipsticks appeared around four to five thousand years ago in Ancient Mesopotamia, where women used to grind precious gems and decorate lips with their dust.
  2. Men and women in Ancient Egypt wore lipstick as a symbol of their status. Using wet sticks of wood for application, they favored colors like magenta, blue-black, orange, and red.
  3. Early in the Greek empire, red lipstick signaled that a woman was a prostitute, being that most women during that time typically went without makeup.
  4. In the early 1900s, women’s suffrage leaders Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman wore red lipstick to protest for the right to vote, and declared “lip rouge” a symbol of women’s emancipation.
  5. Winston Churchill found lipstick to be a wonderful morale booster, and refused to limit its production during World War II (items such as sugar, bacon, soap and paper were rationed).
  6. Queen Elizabeth II had her own lipstick shade made to match her coronation robes at the 1952 ceremony. The soft red-blue was called  “The Balmoral Lipstick,” named after her Scottish country home.
  7. Rumor has it that actress Elizabeth Taylor demanded that no other women on her movie sets be allowed to wear red lipstick.
  8. 80% of the American women regularly wear lipstick and over 25% won’t leave house without wearing it.
  9. Sephoras current #1 selling lipstick is Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Vinyl Cream Lip Stain, which is available in 16 bold, on trend and high shine finishes.
  10. The average woman spends $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime, with $1,780 of that going to lipstick.
Ryann Casey

PR Director & Web Beauty Editor @ryannxcasey