Fidget Spinner Lip Balm is Coming to Sephora

By Ryann Casey

Fidget Spinner Lip Balm, aka Glamspin, is coming to Sephora on August 2nd, thanks to a collab between Buzzfeed (the millennial news outlet) and Taste Beauty (a kitschy trend-driven cosmetics manufacturer.) The Glamspin houses 3 different fruity lip balm flavors in Peach Whirl, Grape Twist, and Strawberry Cyclone, and retails for $9.99.


If you thought the fidget spinner craze died down, think again. Every major trend infiltrates the beauty world in some way, and we’ve seen fidget spinner nails, a fidget spinner makeup palette and now fidget spinner lip balm. Unlike previous comical attempts to incorporate the gadget into a beauty look, Glamspin is here to stay. The beauty toy will be sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and Dylan’s Candy Bar soon after its brick and mortar debut at Sephora. The Glamspin website refers to this as the “first edition Glamspin,” meaning there’s undoubtedly more to come.

This is the fidget spinner for beauty addicts, and has fidget spinner haters (like myself) contemplating picking one up. The aesthetic is minimalist millennial meets fisher price, and harnesses nostalgia of the Bonne Bell Lip-Smackers we all used and loved in the 90’s. It’s cute and kitschy, and actually serves a practical purpose in soothing the compulsive and constant need for lip balm.

Previous attempts to incorporate fidget spinners into the beauty world have been purely for comedic purposes, but are still worth a mention to trace the trend that made launching Glamspin practical and perfect. Back in May, James Charles used a fidget spinner to perfect his contour while YouTube nail expert Natasha Lee created fidget spinner nail art. Beauty guru Sylvia Gani DIYed her own fidget spinner makeup palette, grav3yardgirl used fidget spinners as hair curlers, and Miranda Sings created a full face using the little gadgets. Come August 2nd, Glamspin is sure to spin off shelves at Sephora. Make sure to grab yours to add to both your lip balm and fidget spinner collections before they’re all gone.

Ryann Casey

PR Director & Web Beauty Editor @ryannxcasey